Dog Grooming Costs in Torbay

We have grooming costs for dogs of any breed, sizes or age. Dog grooming, as you can see from the handsome photos, only ensures your dog is looking dapper. But it’s also good for your dog’s mental and physical wellbeing.

Below are the prices for our most common grooming services. Please note that prices are based “from” as prices will vary dependent on behaviour and coat condition.

black dog with a ball in its mouth

Wash & De-shed

Small to Medium breed = eg: Frenchie, Pug, Beagle From £25

Medium to Large breed = eg: Labrador, Weimaraner, Vizsla (smooth), From £30

Full Groom

Small breed = eg: Yorkie, chihuahua, Papillon, Westie from £25

Medium breed = eg: Cocker Spaniel, Springer Spaniel from £30

Large Breed = eg: Golden Retriever, Labradoodle, Schnauzer from £40

Wash & Go

From £20 dependent on breed, size and condition of coat

Puppy Groom

From £20

Nail & Foot trim

From £8

Got A Question?

Still unsure about how much your breed will cost? Contact us today for a quote.

puppy after it has been groomed at torbay tails