Terms And Conditions

  1. 24 hours notice is required as a minimum to cancel appointments, so we can rebook the slot. Less than this or forgotten appointments will require full payment before your next visit will be booked. We understand emergencies happen and we all occasionally forget appointments but please understand our time is precious.

  2. Please arrive promptly for your appointment. If you are 15 minutes after your agreed time, your appointment will be cancelled and will need to be rebooked.
    We will remind you a few days before via text message of your date & time and would appreciate a confirmation from you.

  3. Please ensure vaccinations are up to date as you will be asked to provide this to ensure pets in our care are not at risk from infection and disease.

  4. If we find fleas, you will be called and asked to collect your dog and advised to seek veterinary treatment. If we are halfway through a wash, we will finish and towel dry your dog. A £15 charge will be implemented to disinfect the salon. Once a course of treatment has been completed and fleas removed, we will happily rebook.

  5. Torbay Tails uses social media to promote our services. Please let us know if you’d rather we don’t post pictures of your dogs.

  6. Matted coats will be clipped off to prevent any further discomfort to your dog. As groomers, we have a duty of care to your pet under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. De-matting will only take place when there are a few matts that can easily be brushed out. Torbay Tails will not be held responsible for any after-effects or problems because of neglected coats ie: itchiness, skin rashes or redness.

  7. Behaviour issues. Please let us know if we are likely to encounter any issue with aggression. Any aggression towards us may result in your dog being muzzled to prevent bites and accidents happening. If your dog is aggressive or stressed, you will be called to collect them.